Difference between IAS and GS

Hi guys!
I know that mine might be a stupid question, but looking at a short flight I made a few days ago, I was wondering why and how IAS and GS differ so much from each other. Is the wind blowing that fast?
I made a screenshot in replay mode so you guys can understand better what I mean.

Wind, air pressure (lower at high altitudes), and many more factors.

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As mentioned above, true airspeed is simply the speed at which an aircraft is moving relative to the air it is flying in. As such, it’s also the speed at which the air is flowing around the aircraft’s wings. Ground speed , on the other hand, is the aircraft’s speed relative to the ground .

No question is a stupid question! Airspeed is how fast you are moving relative to the air surrounding you, and ground speed is the actual speed at which you are moving.

^^ i texted it above ^^

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Refer to the following topic for your speed inquiries. 🙂