Difference between Ghost and Report

HI so I was looking over the grading stuff and I see that there is a maximum of 5 reports in order to get to grade 5. but then I couldn’t find an answer to what makes you get a report. the ghosting I’m familiar with but getting reports… Is it when people online clicks on the report button?

No, the pilot to pilot report button does not work for many reasons. A Report is just like being ghosted. Special people like mods are able to report you for doing “dumb things.” If you want to reach Grade 5, keep your reports low, none is best

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Hi, you don’t want a report. Reports are bad

Reporting is when you’ve done something wrong, 5 reports is the maximum you can get before you are locked out of Grade 5


If the report button doesn’t work then why is it there?

It works on expert server, however issues with trolling has rendered it useless on training and causal servers


They haven’t removed it. It has no power though

I remember being ghosted once but I didn’t get a report on it, are you sure it’s the same?

You can get ghosted for too many violations for one flight. For example, you overdosed and collect 6 violations in the process

no I know they haven’t removed it it’s just makes me wonder why it is there if it doesn’t work

yeah I got the violation part, but not the report part

There are a lot if people who would just report everyone if the button works. That is why it is disabled for the normal pilot

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yeah it would be heavily abused, but why is it there if it doesn’t work?

Its up to the Dev’s why its still there.
Maybe its too hard to remove, or maybe they just have other issues that they need to address before removing a button.


Reports or ‘Ghosting’s’ are the last thing you want in the game, not only will it bring you down to Grade 2 from whatever your grade was before, but for a whole week, (7 days) you’ll be off the Expert Server.

As an IFATC Specialist, I’ve ghosted a good handful of people in the past, and it’s not their most favoured thing.

As for the Report button in game, as PPTV and Connor has said, it’s there, but in the past was removed as it was abused. Dev’s could remove it, but why it’s not gone yet is not to my knowledge.

Maybe, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had more important issues to deal with. But do you know the difference between a ghost and a report?

Ok so the number of report is just another name for number of ghostings you’ve had?

There is no difference between a ghost and a report. Both will take you off the Expert server and maybe even the training server for a week

So why does it have two different names?

Ghostings are where you either get 7 Violations in a flight for acting dumb/trolling, or if an IFATC member ghosts you.

Reporting are people reporting you for dumb stuff you do. Which leads to a ghosting.

Both aren’t good


Infinite Flight always at it as Reports, it’s just a lot of members called it a ghost.