Difference between fuell capacity and range

What is the difference between fuel capacity and range?

Fuel capacity is the maximum amount of fuel the aircraft can hold and fuel range is the distance that the aircraft can go before needed to be refueled I believe

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@Butter575 is correct. Fuel Capacity is just straight-up “how many liters of fuel can your aircraft hold?”

Fuel range is an estimate of how long your plane can fly before needing to refuel. This can be affected by a number different factors. In my experience, the main factors affecting range are speed, aircraft weight, and altitude.

Tailwind vs. headwind can also be a factor, but I’ve only ever found this to be minimal.

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My question more is for example I will be on flight in weight and balance and it says like 14 hours, but it is a 737 and the range is only like 3500 nm

Oh! What that means is that the plane can stay in the air for fourteen hours at your current rates of fuel usage. If you fly in a straight line for that amount of time, you can most certainly exceed the listed range.

Got it so that is only when I’m on the ground without starting the engines

The time given by IF is a very broad estimate covering a wide variety of conditions. You’ll find out that most planes, even under regular loads, can fly longer than IF says.

As far as the 737 goes, the -700 is based on the 737BBJ with auxiliary tanks (even the commercial operators) which is why it says 14+ hours.

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