Difference between Flight following/VFR and Radar Vectors/ILS


Difference between these two:

Flight Following/VFR- When you are going to follow your flight plan to your planned destination. VFR is when you fly relatively low and rely on visual references like buildings, roads. THIS IS VERY COMMOM ON JET LINERS, DO NOT REQUEST OF YOU ARE A JET LINER.

ILS/RADAR vectors- Requesting ILS approach is when you want approach to vector you to and airport’s ILS (depends on airport). Approach will vector you to the ILS with an angle of below 30 degrees. Radar vectors is when an airport doesn’t have ILS, only GPS. Approach normally will not attend to this.


Good tips Ryan!! Above 18000ft(FL180) IFR, Below 18000ft VFR.


IMC/VMC Dependant? Max Sends


Actually 18000ft and below is IFR, depending if approach is available.


IFR any altitude / flight level for jets, VFR up to 18.000 feet for General aviation only. Above 18.000feet it’s class A airspace which means “IFR Only” so no VFR / FF allowed.


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This helps. So in IFR so your only following your flight plan until atc goves you vectors


There is a major problem with the last statement in this tutorial. If a GA VFR aircraft is coming into a active field. Radar vectors should not be denied. Radar vectors are there to get the pilot on a visual approach or into the pattern for a visual approach you should not switch a VFR pilot to an instrument approach.


We should have “cleared visual approach” command.