Difference between controlling in China and in Europe



Big different or not?
I think I rather control like they control in Asia just make lines.

How you control if you are center approach or departure, like Asia or like Europa?

Thanks @dush19🙂


This is probably because of Europes airports being compact and close together. So aircraft approach lines may not be as easy to see.

Where as China they have more space between major airports


A lot of the airspace in China is controlled by the military and not available for commercial flights so traffic there does tend to be restricted down to specific airways rather than being more spread out in Europe.


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It is funny to see but I think Asia is safer

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The title would be in China since most of your screenshot is focused on the PRC…

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The “lines” you see are called air corridors. They serve like highways in the air.


One thing is strange, why you don’t see them in Europe?

You see them, just lots of them.

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You do, they exist, but there are more of them so traffic is more spread out.

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It is not so clearly as in China but there are there

That just depends on how they assign air corridors for civil aviation.

The airspace over China is more restricted to civil aviation due to military use, so they have limited airspace, resulting in long lines going in very specific directions rather than lots of smaller lines going all different directions.

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whats that based on?!

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The pics don’t show any controlling skills, that’s just flight plan filling.


My uncle is a pilot, and he says in some Asian countries they are much more lenient and less strict in following ATC procedures on the controller side…

But the thing is with Europe is that you have loads of major airports packed into a ‘relatively’ tight space eg London, Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels and Dusseldorf in just one small part of Europe.

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Europe looks more efficient. The lines are long approach lines. The Gulf’s queues are the worst though. They start all the at Romania.

Yep it’s funny seeing the Emirates planes and Qatar airways playing follow the leader 😂

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It’s funny when you look at North Korea

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