Difference between B717 and MD 80-90

Can someone please tell me what the difference between a Boeing 717 and McDonnell Douglas MD 80-90 is?

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the sales of the B717 were disappointing? What about Hawaiian air or Delta?

The MD-80 and MD-90 are similar aircraft with the 90 having upgraded engines and cockpit. The 717 is the MD95 which is shortened aircraft with different wings.

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Really easy to tell once you know what each looks like

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I know right! This is just what I was wondering! :)

MD-80-90 is is earlier variant!
After the MD-90 McDonnell Douglas made the MD-95 during the 90s and it’s first flight was during it’s Merging with Boeing. After the merger the MD-95 became the Boeing 717. After low progress with the Boeing 717, Boeing decieded to stop production in the mid 2000s.

That is exactly what I though happened! :)

Longer and can reach farther destinations

This isn;t an aircraft by the way

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That’s what happened