Difference between Arrival and approach procedures


With the new update bring SID and STAR procedures, I have found myself a little confused.

There is arrival procedures and approach procedures, what’s the difference between the 2 ?

And with STARS, do I need to implement my own altitudes for VNAV, as it appears I have had to for my particular STAR that I have chosen. (SARG3B @LEMH)


Arrivals are STARs, bringing aircraft from cruise to the airport vicinity. Approaches bring the plane to the runway.

Some arrivals have altitude restrictions, some don’t. You can fill in ones without restrictions as you please, just fly appropriately.

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Great ! Thank you very much for your help 😁

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And sorry to be a pain, but with VNAV for the STAR, do I turn it on just before descent or when I reach cruise, so it can descend when necessary ?

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10NM before your TOD (Top of Descent). Be at your device when you turn inon VNAV.


Thank you @HarryH1, I appreciate your help :)

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No problem! Enjoy 20.1 :)

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You too :)

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