Difference between “Approach” STARs and “Arrival” STARs

Just like it says in the title, I can see that they show different routes, but I am unsure which to use. Is it my choice? If so, why are they on different pages? What instances do I use each? Would love to know before actually going on expert and flying.

Thank you in advance!

Arrival is the star and approach is the actual approach.

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You’ll need to use a departure that works well into your flight plan and an arrival and approach that allows from smooth transition into your airport of landing.

Hey! Great question. Arrivals are the STARs themselves which guide in aircraft to the airport. Approaches are what you fly which get you prepared for final, or onto final.

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Oh, alright. So I would program in an Arrival STAR, and then program in an approach after that?

Correct! (10)

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Yes that’s correct. It will get you all the way in, straight to the runway if you use both.

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Thank you so much Erik!

Thank you!

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Don’t forget Chatta too lol. And your welcome. Have fun!

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