Difference Between 1 and 1+F?

Hi All, So I have had this question in my mind for quite a while now. So when I fly Airbus arcrafts, I was wondering what is the difference between the flaps being set to 1 and 1+F? I have tried to spot a difference and yet I can’t find the difference… Cheers!



Thanks for your reply, but may I also ask what does it mean by hold?? Thanks!

Hold is when ATC tell you to circle a certain area until further instructions.

You can’t actually select 1 or 1+F on the real thing.

On the ground if you select position 1 slats and flaps are deployed but if you select position 1 in the air only slats are deployed. So in IF you should select 1+F for take off.

Using slats only for a hold increases the stalling AOA without increasing drag drastically.

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Some more good info here. Search and you will find…


Thanks for the explanation guys!

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