Diego garcia

No rules! But be professional

Event: Search and Rescue (SAR) mission is in memory of the victims of plane MH370 (Malaysian Airlines) in the Indian Ocean area and Diego Garcia is said to be among the last locations.It remains a mystery to this day.Hopefully there will be a miracle one day.

Dear IF pilot,
Hope you have a great day! for the event on 01 December 2022.We will fly to Diego Garcia as a SAR mission. It will take around 4 hours ++ minutes…our trip will be arranged by ATC so that it will be in an orderly state.As the organizer, i hope that all pilots can give full cooperation to the event leader.it’s support from IFMYS🇲🇾 pilots to organize this event.Any questions can be written in the comment section.

Pilot Member,

Server: Training Server (TS)

Airport: Subang Airport (WMSA/SZB) to Diego Garcia Airport (FJDG/NKW)

Time: 07:30p.m / 11:30z (GMT)


Arrival time changed. Please reconfirm. Thanks!
5 pilots joined + @Flightistic @AKU_SHARKING_GAMING @IFMYSShOcK @IFMYS-NuiiYuii @AmericanB772 @Yukiros_31 @Butter575 @pom @Noahanacooa1

Sorry, it is too early in the morning for me.

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It’s okay, Captain🤙🏻

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@CHILL_SADBOY hello there, Malaysian 730

@FOaremiyrul hello there, Malaysian 1327

@PERDANA1M hello there, Malaysian 96

Hello there, @Capt_Mohd Malaysian 2807 and @Hilmi_56x Malaysian 57MA

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Hello Capt Fakrul

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I’ll be able to provide tower and ground on departure if you would like?

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I would like to invite you to join an event tomorrow…kehadiran smasa dlm 15 pilot akn join besok…Tq

Hello Chris,
Yes, i am still looking for ATC so that my event can run so well. I need ATC from start to finish if you don’t mind, it’s with the presence of 15 pilots for tomorrow…Thank you!

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Should be no problem, cya tonight

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Gate Assignments>

Route : Subang AFB (WMSA) - Diego Garcia Nsf (FJDG)

Estimated Time : 4-5 hours (Please spawn before 07:30p.m/11:30zulu)
Takeoff runway : 33
Landing runway : 31
Separation (Nm) : 5-10 Nm
Altitude (ft) : 30,000ft or depends on ATC
Speed (kts) : Follow aircraft ahead
Aircraft : Only Military aircraft allowed (Suggestion : C130)
Fuel endurance (kg) : 50,998kg
Cargo (kg) : 5000kg


@Capt.FakrulFswo [Creator Event]


•Please follow ATC instructions or you will risk getting reported. I am not responsible for any violations
•Please copy FPL/flight route by Event leader or Organizer
•Please no interference/things that are not allowed during the event
•Please follow the event leader so that it can provide uniformity during the flight

Happy flying with us !!!

Hey, your event is listed on training server, this means that people can not receive violations

If any IFATC on eyes will get it…step to be careful

You can give takeoff one by one pls

I would definitely recommend some of you learn how to correctly communicate with atc, there were a lot of unneeded messages and unfollowed commands.

You know the mistake on Speedbird 589 (DC10F) which is req cross runway 33 ??? it should be requested to take off and make a rotating at the end of the runway then takeoff…

Speedbird 589 should not be in front…i don’t know him