Diego_blanco open for pattern work @ RJBE

I’m controlling RJBE right now on the expert server. If anyone is interested in practicing traffic pattern. Jump in 😃

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I think you should post here but I’m not sure 🤔

Yes that is true. Please post in the topic above.

Both of you are incorrect. That thread is for ATC choice days only.


Oh fair enough. Sorry about that!

I can open any airport in the highlighted region since I don’t control Bravo airspace right now. Only C/D meaning I can open any of this airfields within the region.

Yup, I know that, but the day’s theme isn’t ATC choice. Carry on, have a great session!

I don’t think it’s necessary to create a thread in the IFC for that. People will notice you’re open and will start a flight, end a flight or just start fly some pattern.
Enjoy your session! 😉

Im gonna join

Yes I know that. I didn’t post that. Thank you man!

A brand new IFATC wants to post they are open and everyone channels their inner mod.

Nothing is preventing an IFATC from posting in ATC. Especially someone who is new and at a smaller airport who is asking for traffic. What’s the harm in that? Traffic is traffic…

I moved it to #atc


Thanks for this message Chris… I think just the same way you do. Thank you


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