Didn't receive the 21.3 update

Am I the only one that didn’t receive the update?

Is your device compatible?

Hi, have a look at your App Store for and search for infinite flight there. You will usually find the update button then

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I’m using Realme 5i with 64bit processers
Snapdragon 665 4GB ram

I’m sorry but I’m using Android device 😅🙌

I mean play store then 😅

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This what they told me

What device are you using?

Sometimes it take longs for me to have the uptade… But in your case it’s very long 2 days…
Did you tried to re-install the app ?

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Ah sorry I missed that

I have no clue your device is 64 bit, so I would guess the update just hasn’t reached your region

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How old is your device?

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2 years old and I bought it as new device

That’s strange then. It’s been 2 days since release and it’s still not there… if it doesn’t arrive in the next 48 hours, you might wanna contact support

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Alright thanks for helping 🙌

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This is down to the Play Store unfortunately. It looks like your device is supported so that isn’t the issue.

I would try:

  • Close the Play Store, then clear the cache for it in settings (it’s in the “Storage” section in the app’s section in settings usually)
  • Check you’re on the right account, you may need to switch to another Google account if it was purchased on another

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