Didn't get my live subscription!

I’ve purchased the live subscription from a couple of days from your Infinite flight official website, payment success, took 4,99$ from credit card, an error occurred and my live subscription didn’t activate please I need my money back!!!image

This has happened to @JFKPlaneSpotter101 he was able to fix it. I would suggest asking him about it and buying your subscription directly fro the app next time.

@United747 I see he solved his problem by deleting Infinite Flight and reinstalled it and works with him, I made the same steps but still have the same issue I really don’t know what to do :S

Make sure you wait for the servers to connect to your subscription

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Probably I made everything thing could be done

Then I can’t help you, but when I had the same problem, my Dad asked for support from the devs and they said that Apple has some sort of “glitch” where when you buy a subscription for something, it won’t come up for some reason on the purchaser’s game or whatever but they still get a receipt for paying for it. So this is on Apple’s hand (Unless you have Android)

And also for some reason FB doesn’t work with Live, so I suggest making a Google Account and Log-in with that😉

Thank you :))

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@staff needed you now

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