Didn't expect this in IF expert server

So guys I was in this FNF and was flying a group flight with SIVA from Zurich to London …

I had to follow a very long approach route to rwy09r. So, the ATC ( IFATC-DARKGAMER) he gave me the clearance to land … and knowing that I am on final, he instructed other plane to line up the rwy. He did this twice…

It was so embarrassing as all the other pilot who were a part of the group flight had landed…
I wasted 30 mins in just going around twice and then taking a long approach phase…

As I’m from India, it is 1130 pm here and I had to sleep…but still hoping for the best, I landed at the end when another atc cleared me…

I hope everyone who is reading this will be attentive in future I also hope we don’t experience these types of ATC in the future (especially in expert server)…

Now I’m going to bed…


Well goodnight,

I would not recommend doing a flight into a FNF hub when you know you are going to need to go to bed soon. The airspace tends to be very busy so expect long approach times.


The IFATC do their best at all times so we all have to give the credit. Everyone makes mistakes. If needed PM whoever was ATC


only twice? doesn’t seem too much.

^ this


It’s not about that… I really appreciate the hard work of the ATC but he was knowing that I’m on final so why did ordered the plane to line up??
I would still understand if it was done once…
But he did it again!?? That’s not acceptable on expert server guys…

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I know that. I wanted to earn 2X flights time from SIVA… THAT’S WHY I DID IT

Just contact him and ask 🤷‍♀️

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Alright that’s fine but you can’t come and complain. As mentioned above if you have a direct concern contact the controller via PM.

🙄🙄 contact??

Yup bud… I just wanted to SHARE my experience being a grade 3 pilot… you close the conversation now.

This is getting a little heated. @Captain_Sid you have to send a PM to contact to the ATC who was controlling you. Thanks


Hi! I was the controller. Please PM me if you’d like to discuss this further. Thanks!


No it’s ok bro… no problem

When in a busy airspace though then it takes a while to come back to final

given a holding pattern would have took longer.

Well yes depending oh how long you are holding

As far as I know you can clear an aircraft for take off/onto the runway while another aircraft is on final cleared to land. How far out from the airport were you?

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Around 5nm away from the runway…

Sounds like good enough separation to me. But I wasn’t there.

This happened to me at JFK, had to go around and ran out of fuel. I know how it is.

He should have cleared the aircraft for takeoff, then you could have landed.