Didn’t get xp and flight hours (global)

I’ve been waiting a couple of hours, since 8am est, after a 12h30min flight from CYUL to ZBAA, these hours didn’t get added to my account and neither the near 78,000XP or if I can’t remember maybe 7,800 I was supposed to get.

I hope you guys have a solution,


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78,000? Really that much ? My friend

In the 77000, well I think or maybe 7000, I can’t remember.

Server issues, this has already been discused and solved here

The servers are having issues at the moment with people not able to log in. The server probably didn’t count the hours


Will I get them in the future then?

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Depends how tired the staff are


Well see then, I really hope so!!

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Stats are registered throughout the flight and sent to the server periodically. Much of your flight is likely accounted for. At this time we have no way to manually add individual stats like this. Please remain patient as we work out server issues.

Expect heavy load over the next few days. Thanks!