Didn’t expect that?

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I find that pretty funny. Training server ATC wanted to see a parallel takeoff at WSSS but me and my SIA colleague’s path ended up meeting at a dangerously close distance. Nice try ATC better planning next time.


tell me this is not expert

It’s TS1 luckily ;)

I dont think the ATC is at fault here. That other plane should have waited until were out of the way before making that turn.


Oh no don’t worry

“Nice try ATC better planning next time.”

What is actually funny is how you’ve taken the blame from your SIA colleague’s antics and put it squarely on the ATC, considering parallel departures is a legit procedure.


haaaa 😦😧😨😩😩😩 looks to the left traffic✈✈, careful ooooo😱😱 he is going to hit us🤬😰, this was a passenger who judged after seeing this plane making the curve towards them, in the trainnig server we see everything lol😶😶😂😂


Sorry you’re right the ATC isn’t entirely to blame but I feel as they could prevent this from happening the other aircraft was cleared for departure to the south by ATC and I think he could’ve waited to give the clearance. Maybe just not give simultaneous takeoff clearance at all.


Did that plane say which way he was departing before takeoff?

I don’t remember I assume he did if he requested take-off

Here’s a few scenarios of what probably happened:

Pilot requests takeoff, remaining in the pattern (plans to do pattern work), but doesn’t. ATC clears him to make probably Left traffic, he takes off, and departs south instead. In this case, he is at fault for not requesting takeoff correctly.

Pilot requests takeoff departing straight out, ATC clears him to fly the runway heading until he’s exited the airspace. Instead of going straight, he goes to the south.

Pilot requests takeoff departing south. In this case, ATC should have waited before clearing one of you, to let him get out of the way.


Even upon parallel takeoff I wait 5 seconds to let the other plane have some distance.

It’s probably on of the two last scenarios since he didn’t remain in the pattern.

Pretty humorous… on the subject of humorous, this probably belongs in:

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Send your colleague this tutorial: