Didn’t earn xp

Did a 3 hour flight and it said I earned 5,000 Xp. And it never came ip. I ven reloaded the app and everything.
(Wont let me upload replay file)

What do you mean it never came? Would you mind sending us a screenshot of your log table please?

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Your XP ticks up during the flight. So e.g. you start the flight on 5,000XP and end the flight on 10,000XP with the app telling you that you’ve earned 5,000XP.

My XP count never changed period.


So you know exactly what count you had before the flight?

my xp was 60,561 and still is.

This sounded a bit odd to me, as 5000XP is not given for a 3hr flight usually… unless you did a bunch of pattern work :)

The XP you received for the flight was 2771. Then you even received additional 109XP for whatever you did at KDFW shortly thereafter.

We don’t find any errors here.
Up until 2019-06-20, you had 56,326XP. So this all adds up quite nicely looking the XP amount you’ve received since then.

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As you fly your xp is added. So for example you spawn you have 50000 but after your first hour of three hours of nnmflying you will have 53000 xp. Hopes this helps

Oh that explains it. I checked my xp when I was about to land. So than I must have expected to have more and have it added at the end of the flight.

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This is what Mags said… and you said:

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