Did you use a plane that flies a route in real life to fly your route in Infinite Flight ?

Hello all, in Infinite Flight, did you use a real life plane during your route (exemple: Ryanair 737
Route: Stansted -> Faro) ?


I would say 90%of folk do.


Do you mean using a plane that flies a route in real life to fly the route in Infinite Flight? Absolutely.


Yes, I mean that.

It adds to the realism so yeah I always use a real livery and plane for my flights.


I’m in the 10% so

Probably 95% of my flights are real life routes


Always, other than GA. If there is not a livery on the aircraft for that airline you can count me out for that to.

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I use it most of the time when able. Though in the case of some flights(like those by the Air Canada operated by their 787-8) I look for an alternative e.g the a330 or the 787-9 as the Air Canada 787-8 is not available yet.

When it comes to routes, I usually fly an airline’s current, past or future route. This enables me to fly as realistically as possible most of the time.

There are some exceptions such as flying to FNF(Friday Night Flight) host airport(s) where I prefer to fly inbound from a major airport, short or long haul.

The Infinite flight world is your oyster, enjoy it 😁

And for realistic flight plans, you can use simbrief or flightaware(in the USA though) to improve ‘realism’.


I use the Real…

  1. Route
  2. Plane
  3. FPL
  4. Gates
  5. Taxi/runway choices
  6. Altitude
  7. Callsign
  8. Livery- they can vary

I always do, but will occasionally switch aircraft if the livery is only available with certain planes (ex. using a eurowings a319 on a route that is normally operated by an a320)


My new favorite one is from Korea - Myanmar with the Korean A330

95% of my flights yes.

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I always do

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All of my flights I use the RW aircraft. The only time I don’t is for touch and goes to work up my landing stats, but I don’t use a real flight plan (cause there aren’t any) for those.

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Occasionally I’ll do this however often times I like to operate flights with defunct airlines (i.e Northwest) or operate flights out of my local airport KGJT which only has a few flights in the central and western U.S but I’ll do some International flights out of there

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Almost always yes. Unless I’m flying military/GA, my flights are always taken from real-life routes. I always try to replicate the airline, aircraft type, route, etc. as accurately as possible.

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I always do this, unless I’m flying a military or GA aircraft. :)

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I do exactly the same except with simulated delivery flights


Yes. Every time.