Did you notice the beauty of this livery?

So I was looking for some interesting looking aircraft liveries for a YouTube video I am planning on doing, and I know there are lots of underrated gems in the livery library, but I rarely found a livery as underrated and as beautiful as the one of the Air Austral on their B787. Did you know of this livery?


another hidden one is the evelop A359 🙂

This one is fun to fly

Yep the A350 has cool ones too! The AirCaraibes is even more underrated imo

It’s a great airline to fly overnight from the islands to Europe! You fly over beautiful parts of Africa and then start your descent into Paris just after the Alps!


It is underrated in my opinion. The entire Aur Austral fleet is beautiful. Thanks for reminding me and others about it. I’ll fly with it in a few days.

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Exactly what I was planning on doing 😄

Air Mauritus as well is a good one
(its also a special livery I think?)

This is one of my personal favs. I do flights from Réunion Island to Dzaoudzi I think it’s called. Stunning approach.

As far as I know kinda yes! They are doing it like Norwegian as far as I can tell, and modify every aircrafts livery a bit, in their case with beautiful places in Reunion

All of the Air Austral liveries (perhaps except for the A380) are beautiful! Love it.

Where is it located? (The one with D😅)

FMCZ is the icao if I recall correctly. About over an hour of flight time from Reunion.

Yeah that’s true… The A380 doesn’t look great imo…

Are they using their B787 for it or smaller aircraft like the B737s or ATRs?

B787 and B738 irl

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I don’t want to spam cool underrated liveries in here but this one is probably even more underrated…


Definitely so, that is, in my opinion, the hottest livery we have in IF

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Air Austral uses their B787 for their Paris - Dzaoudzi - Reunion rotation. I honestly wish we had more Air Austral liveries.

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They also have the 777-300ER so who knows 😏