Did You Notice Southwest's Warrior One?

I never knew this until now. The Southwest Livery on the 737-800. Is this on all the Southwest liveries or just on this? And have you known about it?

I really didn’t know what to put for the title


Yes! That’s the Warrior One, in honor to the SWA employees and that’s their first 737-800 in the fleet.


Ahh never knew that. This was for the first 738 in there fleet of 737s.

As said above that was their 1st 737-800 for their fleet. Since then it’s gotten split scimitar winglets. Spirit One (737-300) was the first airplane painted in the Canyon Blue Livery. Heart One and Two were the first two planes to get their Heart Livery. Mind if I change the title to something more fitting?

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Aye sure you can and never knew the history on there 738.


I just found that a few days ago.

@AlotQuestions No, they didn’t. Forget why it’s warrior one, but I think it might have something to do with their employees.

Golden State Warriors? Just kidding, I just noticed that too


I knew about it since the 737 came out.

Wrong post, ment to post something on a different website…

That’s one of the primary reasons I fly this livery, I love this plane and its livery.

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Im sorry, what?

i alway knew, when i fly an airline for the first time, i have a look around

No am not gonna pretend i knew…

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