Did you know?

hello everyone

I just discover something dump
When you save a picture from infinite flight on your apple devise, They add the location of the airport

It is funny and make you feel that you flew there before, lol


It is honestly a pretty cool feature they had added. I remember back in my hay day on Infinite Flight, my photos app map was full of screenshots from around the world in Infinite Flight.


It’s not showing for me


It shows as long as the screenshot is taken via the camera button in the replay mode 👀


Yup, it’s exactly the feel. If I fly to Heathrow, it says I’m in Heathrow so people think I’ve been to Heathrow before 😂😂


Hey, yes course of, I have my iPhone XR to use on the Network own with country, it’s easily also to expect place know as far away for other countries and I wrote on paper list notes for saved last year earlier the same the game on IF, too. Thanks.


Same on Android. i have had that feature for 3 years so far

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Didn’t know that work on android

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So no one’s gonna talk about the absolute Ryanair that was that landing?

🤫, not yet….

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Yeah it’s a cool feature for sure I wonder how the made it like that

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It is easy, when you do the reply of the flight, you need to save it, not screen shoot

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This feature is really thoughtful and adds to the experience


i will
its atleast something that makes my day up after i just had my hardest landing


Yes it was showing me islamabad airport i love it

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