Did you know? You have instruments in all views?

It’s true. Many of you already know this, but I’m surprised each day by how many don’t. When the May 2015 updated we added something very useful to bottom of the screen, we call the “Instrument Dock”, or maybe it’s more familiar to you as “Info Bar”? At any rate, the instrument dock has 7 user customizable instrument positions. image

In the above photo you’ll see I’ve selected the 7 most relevant instruments (my personal preference) which are all, I need to fly comfortably.

The far right position I demonstrate that with a long touch and hold I can slide my finger left or right to view the 5 different pages that contain all of the most necessary instrumentation options.

I can fly around using just this instrument dock, and in any view setting.
It provides a similar experience of dropping your eyes to check a instrument panel where you would see working dials and gauges displaying similar information. Sure it’s not the same, I don’t pretend to make that assertion, but it isn’t a bad option for now if you prefer to not rely on the HUD all the time.

Give it a try. Maybe you’ll find a lucky 7 instrument docks set that make your flight experience more realistic?


Did you just add this cause thats what it sounds like. Ios has had this for a long time

Nope. That’s why I started off by saying “Many of you already know this” I edited it to make that clearer. Thanks :)