Did you know?: The longest flight record is held by a C172!?

A Cessna C172 with a crew of two set the world record for the longest continuous manned flight without landing of 64 days, 22 hours, 19 minutes, and five seconds in 1958 by refueling and transferring food and supplies from a convertible top Ford Thunderbirdautomobile. The publicity flight for a Las Vegas area hotel ended when the aircraft’s performance had degraded to the point where the Cessna had difficulty climbing away from the refueling car.


Must have been lots of bug splat…


Air to Air Refuelling?

hacienda 172

Refuelling the pilots!


Ok so this is amazing and all but I still got one question:

How did the pilots use the bathroom???


I can only assume number 1s, quite literally went out the window…

Number 2s? Ever head of dive bombing?


Oh no! Don’t tell me instead of bombs…


I don’t want to know.


I seen this a couple years ago (might not be true), but I think they did the business in a bucket and would switch it out when they went down for food.

Then the switch would’ve needed to be quick because the plane needed to remain airborne and in order to do that, the speed must be slow enough to make the switch but fast enough not to stall

Probably was all done while they were refueling

The transfer of stuff was done all refueling, holding 65-70 easy for cars. Time break a new record!

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I knew about this because I watched a video on it, pretty cool how the record still hasn’t been beaten.
Here’s the video I watched: https://youtu.be/3TDk34hnSXc

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I’ve heard of this, but didn’t pay attention to it much. Now, I know the longest, and this is so cool!

Don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.

According to the article, they had a portable toilet

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Could the plane realistically operate that long? What about engine oil and temperature and other Maintanace etc??? Is this really true?

Oh ya i forgot about that!

Wow! That’s very impressive.

Fun fact is that if you go to Departures in terminal 3 here at McCarran you can see the C172! Just noticed that it on the article to

Yes, I watched the Wendover Productions video on it.

It was actually Half as Interesting, which is owned by Wendover.

Also, yeet!

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