Did You Know That The IFC Has An App (Technically)

Did you know that the IFC has an app? Well technically it’s not an app just for the IFC, but it works.

How does It work: There is a service called discourse. You pay discoures to host and run a forum. The infinite flight team uses this service to run the IFC. Discourse has an app on the app store and play store where you can load any forum using the discoures servers. With this, you are able to use the IFC as an app. Even though it is not the best solution, it still works.

Bellow is where to install the discoures app and a tutorial to set up the discoures app.

Download The Discoures App

Discourse Hub On The App Store (Apple)

Discourse Hub On The Play Store (Android)

How To Set Up The Discoures (Tutorial)

Bellow Is A Tutorial To Set Up The Discoures

  1. Have The Discoures App Downloaded And Open
  2. Press the “Add Your Frist Site” Or The Plus Sign In The Up-left Connor.

  1. input the following URL into the text box at the top of the screen.
    URL: https://community.infiniteflight.com/
  2. Now The IFC Should Have Been Added To Your Homescreen. Press The Blue Connect Botton.

  1. How Log In Using Your IFC Account.
  2. Your Done! Enjoy The IFC App!

Yes I do and I have it

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a lot of people don’t have it, so though i made a tutorial

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@IFA_YT thanks! I just figured it out

used a short cut?

Yes I did.

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funnily enough, thats not the only way to have an app. android gives you the option to use it as an app once you log in. technically, its a google chrome shortcut, but you cant use it for anything but the IFC.

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You can also just share the website to home screen on an iPhone and that works too

that’s nice.

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yep using shortcuts. it’s just more of a user friendly app.

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