Did you know: Runway at Disney World's Magic Kingdom

I’m sure that a good amount of us have been to Disney World before. Well, did you know that there is a former runway located just off of the entrance to Magic Kingdom (the biggest and most popular park)? I didn’t know either until I just found this video. Watch the whole thing, the guy shows where the road turns into the runway and old pictures of it as well.

Apparently if you are driving into Magic Kingdom, make a right on a small service road right before you hit the tolls and it will turn in to a runway. Back a while ago, there was even scheduled prop service from FLL, PBI, MCO and TPA to this tiny runway, using DHC-6 aircraft. Celebs and rich people would fly their private planes in and head right in to the park! Also, when you touch down, there were groves in the runway (like on the side of a highway) that play the song “When you wish upon a star” if the pilot is driving at over 45 MPH.

Please be honest, did you know that this existed before watching this video?

  • Yes, I have even been to that runway!
  • Yes, but I haven’t been to that runway.
  • No

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Well, if you’re like me and didn’t know, I hope you enjoyed learning this and were somewhat surprised:)


Wow, surprising! I have never been to DisneyWorld before, but that’s pretty cool.

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MaxSez: FYI; Walt Disney World Airport, also known as Lake Buena Vista Airport and Lake Buena Vista STOLport, (IATA: DWS) is a former private-use airport owned by the Walt Disney Company, located within Walt Disney World, just east of Walt Disney World Speedway, in Bay Lake in Orange County, Florida, United States. When it was active it accommodated smaller regional airliners capable of operating from short runways, an arrangement often known as a STOLport. It is no longer registered as an active airport by the FAA, ICAO and IATA. (Wiki)

(Years ago a visit to the field was a feature of the "Disney BackStage Tour)


@Maxmustang is always here for all accurate and interesting informations ! Thank you 😊


Seen that runway many times

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I have never been to Magic Kingdom before (I have never been to U.S before). But it looks awesome that an amusement park have a runway for private planes.

I wonder why the runway is abandoned by today. Had it existed until now, It would be a convinient access to the park for VIPs 😊


Been to this exact park and I think I might’ve seen it from my hotel, but I didn’t thank it was a runway!

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It closed due to safety of flight, noise abattment rules, liability and urban sprawl. Look at Disney World on Google Earth. A picture is worth 1000 words.
Regards friend Singapore Air


Not to mention the Disney TFR is still in effect.


I didn’t know this until now. I learned something new.


Didn’t know this, wouldn’t have guessed a runway was sitting near the parks when I was there!


Yeah, I previously watched a video of someone driving on to it.

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You amaze me with your information. We don’t need Wikipedia.

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@Spencer_Chapman…Thanks for the 👍 Flyboy… I’m a vet like you! 30+ in Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. Might have donned one of yr chutes back in the day if you worked at Kadena or Danang. . Be looking for ya at 12 O’Clock Hi!
Regards, Max


I love that page! One of the greatest

Wow, I’ve never seen any runway sitting in one of the greatest amusement parks ever! This is one of the best post I’ve ever seen in the Infinite Flight Community. Well done!

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I was just there in April. I passed by that road so many times because I thought it was reserved for employees. Next time I’ll be sure to go.

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