Did you hear? There's a new VA coming to town soon


Welcome to DHL America we are pleased to have you, we promise to provide great and ample services to our customers as we transport their cargo at the most absolute safe and careful treatment ,we strive to be the best cargo carrier on infinite flight.
We are a public carrier that provides cargo services to the flight simulator of infinite flight with only the best to offer and with many places to serve, our airline will never let you down we can provide for any of your cargo needs rain or shine day or night. We offer a wide lane of services for our costumers we even do military affairs such delivering mail to FOBs and other military facilities. We are based out of two locations north America, KJFK and Germany, EDDP we provide a major cargo bridge between the two locations and to many other destinations as well.

We very shortly will be sending in a request to the IFVA board to make the Virtual airline official so until then keep an eye out


What aircraft will your VA include? Is it only the 757? Or will it also involve the southern air 777 and the C208?

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We will have fleet rangeing from our flag ship 757 to our polar air 747-8 pretty much DHL aviations known fleet

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Seems ICG has some competition


Iā€™m pretty sure you need approval to post a thread in the #live:va category before posting about your VA.