Did you ever notice the word 'TAXI' on the taxiway?

I never new that there was a new Taxi sign on the taxiway. Like this

It is @Palm Springs. I didn’t know if it was there before or after the Dash-8 update.


Yes I did. Just like long ago RWY 18 at KEDW

So did they add this to other taxiways too.

Not sure, I’m talking about how RWY 18 at KEDW is cut up by lines as L, C and R

This violates one of our airport editing rules. It will be removed.


No! Please don’t! It adds realism :)

Ok then but its a nice edition.

Yes, it may be a nice addition, but we are not allowed to draw text with taxi lines.

If it going to get removed can you remove this its kinda odd

like @JFKPlaneSpotter101 spotted out.

Thanks for spotting that out. It will be removed.

Your welcome and credit also goes to @JFKPlaneSpotter101

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I added this when I redid this airport (I was not aware of the text rule at this time, it was before Christmas):

Whilst it is a (self-admittedly) nice edition, rules are rules and it has to go :(

How do you like the new KPSP anyways?


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Why can’t airport lines be drawn in to substitute for text? Will there be a solution in the long run?


Wait, where am I supposed to taxi?

Well, you’re not supposed to taxi like that. :P

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😂😂😂😂😂😂 Yeah, had to go around that plane.

You should of waited, but whatever.

Back on topic!

I was impatient


Why would it have to be removed?