Did you enjoy yesterday GA event?

Hey @Drummer this is off topic but congrats on one year on IFC. I saw you at flagstaff too not too long ago. And I do agree with what you say not many people like it but it’s fun when you do.

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I can somewhat agree. I love GA, but I, too, can see how it might seem a little “forced.” Maybe instead of two featured days a month, switch it to one, or keep two and make some bigger airports and smaller ones for featured GA aircraft (No TFRs unless needed). This way, you can have a higher volume of GA traffic, while still giving pilots more options for the day. In no way am I hating on the GA Days though because I think they are fun. I’m just suggesting a possible way to solve some of the complaints I’ve seen. Anyways, feel free to ask for clarification about anything!

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I thought it was great! I really enjoyed getting back to the roots of aviation by flying around the Grand Canyon in a C172!

looking forward to the Military Day Series, since Military is even more underrated :)

But I agree, GA Days are great, love it💞


Unfortunately, I did not. While this event has been portrayed as a time to allow pilots to practice flying general aviation, we must acknowledge the reality. The creation of this event series has been direct influenced by the lack of people interested in flying general aviation. There are numerous reasons for this, but the reality is that the lack of general aviation traffic is a direct result of design choices made by Infinite Flight. It is a self-manufactured crisis and the attempt to appease those general aviation pilots with this event feels incredibly hollow.

One of the main problems with this is the lack of air traffic control support for general aviation, whether it be creating tools that allow controllers to restrict this already marginalized community, while not making a substantial effort to spearhead the addition of tools that would be more applicable to general aviation traffic.

While these issues may seem simple, they disproportionately affect general aviation pilots. In regards to lack of support, one of those issues is the open acknowledgment that center controllers are not required to provide approach services for uncontrolled airports in their sector. In real life, center controllers are a critical component of cross country IFR, providing en-route guidance and approach service, the latter not being a requirement. When I used to open center, I would always provide approach services for uncontrolled airports. I’m sure the impact of ATC in IF is universal, encouraging many to fly in their airspace. Without a basic service for uncontrolled airports to which many general aviation pilots fly, why even bother starting your aircraft?

The same can be said for radar vector departures, which also often disproportionally impact general aviation pilots. Many smaller towered airports that are more general aviation friendly do not have RNAV SIDs for use, and instead, have radar vector departures. So without that provided service, why would someone bother flying general aviation as is accommodated by these smaller airports?

The same can be said for lack of support for VOR approaches which are also often more prevalent at smaller airports that are frequented by general aviation. There will be no service provided because as far as IFATC knows, this is not in their vocabulary when concerning providing service in Infinite Flight and they don’t even have the toolset to provide this service anyways.

We can also acknowledge the poor state and variety of what are perceived as “true” general aviation aircraft. For many, this is seen as small props. Many of the smaller aircraft are unreworked with no indication of any plans to have any improvement any time soon other than vague words of support from individuals to community members.

This among numerous other issues with general aviation in Infinite Flight.

Instead of attempting to force a general aviation day to get people to fly these aircraft, Infinite Flight needs to look at the root cause of the problem, their own design choices. I have 0 respect for this attempt to portray Infinite Flight as supportive to the general aviation pilots on the game. This is not the reality. Actions speak louder than words, so the question is, when will these present issues be fixed?


I decided to buzz the event at a nice 50k feet going Mach 2, then I saw @Butter_Boi and was like ay homie is flying so I intercepted, I somehow landed a F22 on rough ground but @Butter_Boi flying his XCub SPECIFICALLY BUILT for hard terrain crashed lol

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As a student pilot who mostly flies GA aircraft irl I can say I really enjoyed how Infinite Flight incorporated an event for the minority group of aviators in our community. Any aspiring pilot needs to fly GA planes before going anywhere and by showing the community the underrated GA fleet we have can further help people with the inner workings/handling of an aircraft since you are not really using autopilot. From a customer standpoint, seeing a company touch on a minority group within their community (GA lovers) even if you aren’t in the group really makes me personally know the money I spend is well spent as I know they care. Today, I got to fly low and slow in formation and explore the amazing small airports Infinite Flight has to offer that we don’t really see featured due to their small size. Really goes to show that GA flight unlocks so much of the Infinite Flight world you cannot access by a commercial aircraft. Looking forward to the next GA event. 10/10 day.


I would add a third option in between because I liked this GA day and I wouldn’t say I didn’t like it, but also I can’t say I really enjoyed it because I didn’t like it that much. But I insist, I LIKED IT


I think you can’t generalize like that. If you love aviation you don’t have to love every part of it. If you love flying airliners you don’t have to love GA or military to love aviation. Everyone has his own sector he prefers the most.

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I don’t really think that was the intention, many community members ask for more GA to be featured, it’s no being forced on anyone.

Personally I think it’s a great idea and showcases some of the amazing smaller airports on offer. Some of the staff team fly GA in real life so they are passionate about it and do have a love for General Aviation (it’s how every pilot starts out, it always has a buzz!)

Great work again @MishaCamp looking forward to the next event! Keep it up we appreciate it!

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Yeah I think this is a good idea. After all, we have to find some use for the countless number of small American ranches we have in IF!


A light twin would be a great addition!

As was said at the very top, everyone saying no to this question are likely people who fly their big jumbo jets into the same airports time and time again. This teaches us to get out of our comfort zones and try something new. I go to a college on an international airport where the majority of the traffic is made up of general aviation aircraft, so it was a very nice change to have 10 Cessna 172’s lined up for takeoff instead of A330’s and 777’s. It’s also much easier to get ga traffic out of an airport because they do not require as much space between each other as jets do.
There’s so much to be explored in the palm of your hand, so instead of complaining that ‘we don’t want ga events’ maybe try something new and fly a Cessna 172. It’s a lot of fun, and can take you to brand new places that a turbojet can’t.

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Really fun. The funny thing is a 777-300 in Grrand Canyon.

Back to seriousness, yes, Is a oportunity to use propellers and some unknown aircraft :)

Sadly I missed it. Too busy to fly yesterday. Hopefully I’ll get to experience it next time!

I just seen a 787-10 being at GCN yesterday (even though its not moving)

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Very well said

01AL a decommissioned hospital heliport is my favorite GA place 🤠


I did enjoy the day to the point that I now plan to extend the concept to my next flight: navigating between the bigger planes towards HKJK in my TBM!

wish there was a “Sadly missed event but would like to participate in the next one” choice