Did you enjoy yesterday GA event?

I would like to ask a question, do you enjoy this event?

  • Yes!! Really enjoy!!
  • No, I don’t want to participate in this event

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Be honest to answer 😉



I understand how this might not be popular for all, but GA aircraft are very underrated in the game. This event speaks to a whole other part of the community who may not be represented as much. To them, this day is amazing and it does show diversity.

We all will have our opinions but it is also important to see the other side of it.

Personally I like these events because it forces me to get out of my comfort zone and try something new


People saying no don’t truly love what aviation and what it has to offer. Sorry to call you guys out.

I say this because I can guess the people saying no go to the same large airports in their large planes. There are soooo many airports out there only accessible by GA aircraft, heck, we have the whole world on our own mobile devices to explore.

I respect people’s decisions, but go out and explore!


It was super nice even though I haven’t done all American GA Airports I decided to do every GA Airport every continent (from Australia to Africa)

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Besides getting intercepted and shot down, it was great! I got to hand-fly the XCub around and in the Grand Canyon and land whenever I felt like it, something you can’t do in airliners. It was awesome to see so many people flying GA instead of their generic old airliners, and I had a blast flying!


Yeah it was beautiful flying past the grand canyon!

Wait what ?

Honestly it would be more fun if we had more GA aircraft to chose from and a lot more people participated like in the larger airport/airline events but it’s a nice change


If you want to know ask @DanyyRude.

Personally I don’t enjoy this event because I’m in grade 2 and there almost no one want to join this event in TS

I’ve enjoyed it, there’s something about GA.
After all, that’s where the beginners learn their trade!
For me it’s all about exploring and discovering small airports and the joy of witnessing beautiful views all around you. Anyone who personally love aviation will testify that they love flying GA aircraft - its so much fun and exciting however slow or small it is. Its a much slower pace and give a better chance to admire the views in slow motion
The basics are the same in flying whether in GA aircraft or 737 or 747.

I think the traffic levels speak for itself


General Aviation will never be as popular as commercial flying in IF. I personally don’t think it’s a great idea trying to force it onto people. Among other factors, the lack of high quality scenery, buildings, and clouds play a big role in this. In MFS, GA flying is not very popular, and there, you have all the bells and whistles possible to make it as enjoyable as possible. In IF, that isn’t the case.

That’s just my two cents


This event…

I finally have a event that fit my style, I love it.

GA isn’t my cup of tea in IF other than the CCX, which wasn’t allowed today. To each their own though.

Scenery makes GA fun and it’s hard to do bush flying without the bush (no offense), but it’s k without it for IF as the commercials take the cake in this community. And IF does the commercial world greatly!


TBM is my bae❤️

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Personally, not the biggest GA fan but it was a nice change. Did I enjoy the event? Yeah. Would I want this everyday? Absolutely not. But that’s the beauty of this game, you can do whatever.


I love flying GA but like others, If the scenery were better in IF then I would do a lot more GA flying. Simple as that!

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I only had access to Casual and Training (because im grade 2 obviously), but i checked expert server and people were having fun with GA planes at KGCN. But I think they had so much fun flying.

i am a huge fan of general aviation, BUT my problem with today’s event was that it felt really forced, like i wish IFATC would instead of making these GA days where we are forced to fly GA on those airports they would actually regularly just control commercial airports with a high intake of GA aircraft so that people can fly both commercial and GA at the same location, of course, a huge majority of people do not like flying GA or just rather fly commercial, but i would just like to see that in fact, aviation is a really wide spectrum, where GA planes and commercial airliners can fly at the same time, at the same place