Did you begin to play IF before or after the release of Live?

Live was released in August 2014.

  • After Live release
  • Before Live release
  • Following hours/days after Live release

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Isn’t following hours/days the equivalent to after live release?


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I Fixed it.

I started not long after the release of IF itself! I just looked and it was around early 2013!


on which device?

I started on an iPad mini 1


I too. Or an iPad 1/2 not sure

I dont knoww when i started, but i think bevore the live or just after, but i kept playing solo for a while until i used live

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I think I started around Christmas of 2013

I joined August 2015 :o

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I start d this game in May of 2013 before live.

Sometime in 2012. Before live.

Same, I sarted in June 2013 because I really wanted a good flight Sim and IF I think was the best one and still is. And sadly, I started on the 4s… :(

I’ve bought Infinite Flight for Windows Phone in Dezember 2014 and then for Android in mid-summer last year.

I started when their was barely any planes, must have been Christmas 2012 or 2013.

Maybe à year before live

Bought IF in 2013. Bought a region. Live came out and I bought a month to try it out. I think I renewed that once before buying live+ ever since.

I got it febuary of 2013