Did they change the ATC voice?

Just wondering on android is the ATC voice diff then ios

The ATC voice is different on Android.


Sounds British on my Kindle…but I think since the Hotfix, it’s gone I believe. On iOS the voice was always like it is now, but there’s was a bug where you act as ATC, the voice changed permanently. It was fixed in the March Update.

I might get a kindle just for the British voice 😂, it will be like the in car SatNav “Please Turn Right Heading 160”


Mines sounds British. Lmao.

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The voice is generated by the device, and has nothing to do with the game actually.

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Imagine if this was actually made as a feature: we could have random genders at different airports and random pitches (within a specified range, so they still sounded sensible). Very slightly slower or faster speaking speed too.

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