Did the server crash?

I jumped onto KNUC approach this morning to help the poor tower controllers as they delt with 170 flights in just the SoCal region (Never seen that before), however after I was controlling for about 20 min the game crashed and anytime I try to reopen it says that I am offline. My internet connection is fine.

Try using Training Server 2 if high volumes of traffic is causing your device to crash. The servers are very busy at the moment due to the update. I’m unsure if the server itself crashed though.

😂Those PG controllers know nothing about controlling, they just want to get planes out and get planes in, no matter how laws of physics defying it is.

And do it with the most casualties? Like a game snort*?
Hey guys lets see who can send the most airplanes into the ground! Oh nice one you just crashed Mark

Happened to me while flying from KPSP to KNUC in an turkish 77W. First planes started teleporting then ATC messages became hidden and when I tried to answer em, welcome to the home screen
But after that everything was fine 'n good

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