Did something happen to dark mode?

I just saw this and was wondering why the saturation is all the way up. If someone else has spoken about this pls feel free to redirect.

We haven’t made any changes on our end. Is your IFC theme definitely set to dark mode? Some browsers fake their own dark mode by inverting the colours of the light theme, which looks like what could be happening here.


Well it says dark mode under theme

Could it be the display settings on a pc vs an android or apple device?

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Same happens to me

@JetSuperior5192 @Ritesh321 are you both using the same browser, what browser are you using? I don’t have this issue on iOS Safari for example.

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Well I use the chrome extension. where there is an option to add it on your home screen right?

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You may have this as a setting, you’d need to turn it off.

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Android (Samsung Internet)

Seems to be only in that browser on my side

Doesn’t bother me tho

It’s fine I kinda am used to it now. I just wanted to know if it was for everyone

This only occurs if the theme on Samsung Internet is set to dark mode along with the IFC. If you turn off dark mode in samsung Internet settings the colour of IFC dark mode will be normal


Might be due to a different device.

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