Did someone see the “747-8F” in the new UPS plane’s caption?

I was reading the caption on the recent post about the new UPS livery and it said “747-8F”.

Is something coming that we don’t know 👀

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I haven’t heard of this, so you have me intrigued 😳

  1. Who posted this

  2. Where

  3. About Infinite Flight?

The official Infinite Flight social media accounts and the Infinite Flight websites are really the only foolproof, certified source of Infinite Flight news, so if aViAtOr gAmEr or someone made a post without a real IF post to back it up, it’s useless 🙂

Not something I would pick attention to, it is a 747-8F after all, just like the other cargo 747-8(F) liveries. :)

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Maybe they will separate them to 2 versions or something but don’t expect a rework

It was on IF’s Instagram…


Oh okay. Thanks :)

Picture please?

Nvm got it, check the thread.

Okay. Will do

Wait which thread?

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the 22.1 Tracking Thread.

I am on the thread. Where am I supposed to look?

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All the way down. here’s the pic

Okay. Thanks

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Let’s not speculate too much about hashtags. There are cargo liveries on the 747-8 already and now Infinite Flight confirmed that we’ll also get the UPS livery! Let’s focus on that, it’s a pretty cool livery and I’m sure @UPSVirtual is very happy about this one! 😍