Did someone actually land the Xcub first try?

It certainly was not a successful landing, but it did register as a landing…

I was so smart, that I tried to fly over it’s limits… I mean, I came to the ground at the end

You mean altitude or speed? Maybe both? Lol

Well, watching the replay it was actually a good landing lol

My replay is here https://sharemyinfiniteflight.com/download?c=RRWDTLLNOS

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Yep I was able to although I will admit it wasn’t my prettiest landings I’ve made. The Cub just takes practice. I’ve mastered that plane after some practice.

My first flight with it wasn’t really pretty. Let’s just say I discovered it’s ability to “Snap Roll” while crashing 😂😂😂


I did if trying a short final in solo counts but I did KSJC-KSFO on casual to see if I could do it and I landed it so kinda did but kinda didn’t :)

After bouncing 3 times and breaking my left wing off yes I did

Well I did land it, but then it tilted so much to the left and got me off the runway, and I Got reported 😆

I don’t find landing the XCub that hard. I have way more troubles during takeoff. Still haven’t managed to learn it. Even when there are no winds, the moment the tail comes up the plane turns to the left or right. And even the slightest rudder input and I’m drifting across the runway. Still got a little bit to learn 😃

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Still cant land it. It bounces

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I landed it successfully with -1000fpm, and with multiple bounces.


I landed just fine first try i had some experience in a different sim on taildragers before the x-cub was released

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I was able to land on first try because I had been practicing with the spitfire quite a bit before hand. It was pretty hard and bouncy though, I think I probably would have broken my gear in real life…

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Literally the first try I did. I had no experience with tail drafters and never had a problem, with them. Landed first try easy. Idk what happened lol

Easy Take off
Take off: Full flaps, full power, elevator full back. Allow the aircraft to fly off the runway, once barely airborne, lower the nose, increase airspeed, reduce flaps.

Easy Landing
Cross the end of the runway at 65kts with full flaps, power idle, get close to the ground and hold it off and slowly increase elevator pressure (nose up) until the aircraft settles on the runway and makes a 3 point landing.

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Same @Infinite_Flight_Sims, my VS was more like -1000 tho


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