Did someone actually land the Xcub first try?

Just curious.
I’m asking because i did it at 3rd try.

Yea. It’s not the hardest plane to land IMO. And should probably be in #live considering it’s about IF live sorta speak:) (I could be wrong so don’t take my word)


Yup, I just went straight into a flight around Ireland with it. Skip to 2:32 to see my first landing with it.


I did. I then did some spectacular ground loops on next couple of landings.

Easy to land in calm winds. With a crosswind, not so much…


It depends on what you define as a landing? ;)


Hey, As long as you’re intact and don’t get the “Crash” Screen it’s a successful landing😂


Well, in that case. Yes. But when i came to a full stop my gear was pointed towards the stars ;)


I mean my first try was similar to Seb… tricky aircraft… haven’t get used to to this day…Sadly I got the crash screen :(. Clicked “End Flight” super fast. 😂

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You what they say shoot for the stars;)


I landed it first try, it might have not been the best landing, but it was still a landing

I hit the ground with the wheels, flipped, stalled and somehow landed back on my wheels and taxied off the runway


I was able to get a -500 rip landing in with a bounce. Quite good for a first try tbh.

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I surprised myself by actually landing first try. I took off from a very busy airport on Expert and slid off the runway, but when it came to a full stop landing I successfully landed and taxied off the runway. Centerline was another story though…

Been honest i still haven’t got the hang of it 🤦🏻‍♂️


Yeah its quite a hard aircraft to land. Very easy to bounce…

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Well for me, I watched flight chops videos on tail dagger training and it definitely helped… I still didnt land it properly till the third or fourth try lol

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I landed it first try. I’ve flown luscombe tail draggers before. I’ve had experience…

Yep I actually buttered the landing too it’s a pretty easy plane to land considering it’s a tail dragger

I decided to take it up between the Andreanof Islands up in Alaska, so no one would see. I landed, but let’s just say that it was a good decision to fly away from everyone else.

Same it’s really hard

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