Did somebody else also notice this?

I just noticed that IF apparently removed all those little arms on the airport maps which resembled the jetbridges. Could this maybe be because of the soon addition of jetbridges?

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they’re still there for me


Hm weird. I can also see them at EHAM but at my home airport EDDM they arent visible, and I know they were there since I fly there every day. Maybe its a bug for me?

About wich Airport are you talking ? Maybe it got Updated with the last Navigation Database Update

Could you look at EGLL? They aren’t there for me, too

at least EDDM and EGLL for me

EDDM got improved in last Navigation Database Update EGLL maybe aswell

Bc for me the terminals are now “a flat surface” instead of those “tentacles” they had before.

But like for real, all airports I am looking at right now don’t have those anymore. LOWW and EDDS, too

@Moritz did you update EDDM ? If yes then you can explain why this “Tentacles” were removed.

I don’t think EDDS was updated on the last NDU

Nope it wasn’t

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Airports like Heathrow and Munich got update in the last navigation update. If you want closer information, ask the airport editor like the one tagged above.

Stuttgart (EDDS) didn’t get update, nor had those „little arms“ before.


Ok. I am just really confused right now, because I normally use them to orientate when looking for the gate the irl flight used

i still see them at EDDB

A majority of airports still have jet bridge outlines. A few airports, such as EDDM and EGLL, don’t (as of the most recent airport and navigation update). This was done for performance testing reasons, not buildings.

From Cam:

Yes, I asked Moritz to add this to test some performance improvements from our end. There’s no official change in rules for this. This was just a one-off for testing

Hope this answers your question. :)

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Thanks a lot! It sure does answer my question!

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