Did somebody already do this flight?

So I want to do the flight Keflavik/Reykjavik (BIKF) to Vancouver (CYVR) with the B752. The flight is operated in real life by Icelandair and also utilizes the B752. However, SimBrief tells me that this route exceeds the range of the aircraft. Thus, I wanted to ask if someone could tell me from experience wether or not the plane is gonna make it or not.

Thanks in advance

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Well, it depends. What are the winds? Are there tailwinds, or headwinds.

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If I interpret windy.com correctly I will have strong tailwinds at first, but then headwinds

I’ve gotten to KSEA before, so you should be able to get to CYVR, I don’t remember having low fuel…

Well unless the winds are super crazy I’m sure you will make it. Most of the time the range that SimBrief shows is not always accurate. Additionally for extra precaution you can just take little cargo or passengers.

I mean, I have done a flight from London to Places that are the same distance as the flight your talking about and I have managed it in the 757 and stuff so I’m sure you will be fine

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I was planning on taking 183, just like the real one, compared to the maximum of about 300

Definitely can, you’ll need about 9 and a half hours in the tanks. They operated their 757 to Portland before which is even further.

Ok thanks for the confirmation! I was just a little worried because of that warning.

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Yep! You’ll probably have even more fuel then needed when you arrive!

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You definitely can make it! Just put less cargo on board for more fuel if you need to

I’ve actually done that exact route before. You will make it

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Just adding on haha ^

Usually, Icelandair operates about 3/5 capacity on routes longer then 5 hours. Most airlines do the same when flying the 757.

Hence fpltoif.com never gives cargo unless you do manually, I won’t have any cargo aboard

Yeah, I was planning on 183 PAX just as the real flight, while the max is around 300 in IF I think

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The seating on a real Icelandair 757-200 is 184.

But since you are on a long haul, i’d make your PAX count no more then about 130.

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It works, I never had Problems and I did flights from/to CYVR aswell as KSEA for example

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I’m gonna assume that you’re trying to replicate the real-life flight as closely as possible, from a realism perspective, since you filed out a realistic flight plan via SimBrief and is referring to the real flight in your posts, then it wouldn’t be wrong to keep the PAX count about 40-60% of the maximum seat number if you were to take Covid-situation into consideration.

Just a tip, and that way you’d probably have to stress less regarding the weight to altitude + fuel consumption ratio :)

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