Did some work on my European Grand Tour Itinerary.


Made this as a visual read below for flight details:

Here we start in historic Dublin Ireland, flying the Iberia A321, down to balmy Madrid. For some interesting flying, and an aviation moment, it will be then time to leave Madrid, to take a House A330 back to Toulouse. From the Airbus HQ, we will then take a KLM ERJ back up to the old beautiful city of Amsterdam. As we continue our tour of Europe we will make a stop in Germany at Munich, after flying the Air Berlin A319 from Amsterdam to Munich. For some history and food, our next leg of the journey will fly from Athens, on 737-700 BBJ, after our Greek pit stop, we will hop over the Mediterranean to Rome, on an Altalia A321. For those seeking an escape to the cold, a Norwegian 737-800, will bring us from Rome up to Oslo. To get a true sense of England, we will next fly with none other than…EasyJet’s A320 to London from Oslo. [Don’t worry BA fans ;)] And like that it is time to cross just north of the continent, into Russia on an Aeroflot A320. From Russia, we will now visit the ever so important city of Istanbul, via the Turkish 737-700. For some luxury flying the Cessna Citation X will rocket us from Turkey, into Budapest, Hungary. BA fans rejoice as the British Airways 767-300, will carry us to our second to last stop, of London, after our time in the awesome nation of Hungary. For some final photogenic moments the Iceland Air 757, will take us to the Hollywood ready Iceland. Once in Reykjavik, unfortunately, our Grand Tour of Europe is over, after over 11 thousand miles, or well over 17,000 km! You can thank the IF team for making this a reality, and all of us here in the forums for keeping this app great. See you soon in Europe!


You may want to paragraph…this is a lot to read as is, paragraphing makes it seem like theres less of it to do…just a suggestion.


This would be wonderful to fly. I bookmarked this for when global is released. Although I was somewhat saddened by the fact that Switzerland and Sweden were not among the destination countries…


Out of all the aircraft, Iberia? Atleast make it a European airliner, Aer Lingus would make much more sense.

I believe that Iberian are a European Aitline… flying to Spain in a Spanish Airline sounds a good plan. looks an interesting flight, just wait for global to be released then might do something similar.


Iberia is the main carrier from Spain, adleast internationally. I imagine stuff like EasyJet may have more market share than Iberia in Spain/Europe.

Not to be a hater, but there are a lot of great places in Europe that you are missing if you will fly this route. For example, the Adriatic Sea is a great spot for VFR flying in a GA aircraft :)

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So many airports, so many choices with global!

Going to include Tenerife, Gibraltar, Malaga, Barcelona, ATHENS and Istanbul all in my ’ Med’ tour…

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On top of that, I would also include airports such as Madeira (LPMA) who have very unique visual approaches.

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Ohhh yes Madeira! How did I forget that!!!

I’m not European, so I just chose the most iconic places. I’m sorry that these locations did not fulfill, your ideas, but feel free to do your own, I’d love to see what others come up with.

For a sec I thought you were talking about real life and I was like " damn you’re rich"!

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