Did our phone can be broken if we play Infinite Flight too long?

To be honest, I’m kinda worried to with my phone, that I always play to long and re-charge my phone battery, is it will effect our phone perfomance? I use A72 Samsung…

I can answer your question, no, Infinite Flight will not damage you phone. However, it can d’amande your phones battery if you don’t take care of it as it should be taken care of.
I suggest you take a look at this topic:
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I also recommend you to have your phone plugged in always while flying.
You should also let your phone fly in a good temperate room. A cool room. Not a hot one. Or if you don’t have a cold room, you can have a fan next to your phone at all times.

In conclusion, no. But if you over do it and exaggerate you’re phones capabilities, it could damage your battery. Hope it helps.

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Regardless of what device you use, there will always be some performance degradation. It could be mitigated through means such as the use of the in-app low power mode, ensuring that your device doesn’t get too hot by turning down your graphics settings, as well as ensuring there’s good air circulation around your device.

Bottom line, if you take good care of these parameters, you should be able to get away with using your phone, though expect some form of degradation to come after a period of time.

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i mean like, i always fly for 16 hours+ everyday, my question is did my phone will broken? or the battery will be damaged?

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Your phone will not damage in a general way. You can see some battery degradation like @LordWizrak said above.
You could also see your phone heat more and more over time. But I haven’t seen any other problems in my world. :)


ohh okie, so overall no problem ya…

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Yea, it will not just turn off and break in your hands just like that.

I’ll give you my personal experience, having used my phone as my main device for Infinite Flight for about 18 months now.

I’ve been flying day in, day out, non-stop on my device, which is a Samsung S20 Ultra. There were times where I’ve flown for close to 23 hours in a day, and using the other hour simply to scroll through Instagram or to control, as I’m an IFATC controller.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have shifted most of my work related tasks to my computer, which means that my phone could more or less be dedicated to Infinite Flight, bar a few tasks that has to be completed on my phone.

Over the last 18 months, there has been an obvious decline in the battery life, though not significant where it warrants a battery change. For example, instead of going for a day and a half on one battery charge, I now have to charge my phone at least once a day. Like I mentioned, it’s not significant, though noticeable.

I’ve taken good care of my device, however, often placing it in a position where there’s good air circulation, setting my performance to the lowest possible level when I’m away from my device, and quite often, not even going to the highest graphics settings unless I’m taking screenshots. Even then, my device handles it like a breeze, not heating up at all.

You can choose to interpret this however you wish, but I’ll say from personal experience that I’ve had little to no issue throughout the last 18 months, despite flying on Infinite Flight almost everyday, upwards of 20 hours each day.


ahh okay, so i can fly everyday but with resting my phone for a moment…

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You could, as was mentioned above, be sure to configure your phone such that it is conservative on the processing power that it demands. For example, there’s no need to stay on high graphics when you’re sleeping, you could always turn it to low.

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To also add to that. Infinite Flight is amazingly optimised. If Infinite Flight realises that your phone doesn’t handle the highest graphics, even though you set your graphics to that. Infinite Flight will not run Infinite Flight at those graphics.

okok i understand, tysm for the info <33 good luck too for ur flight, im flying to Auckland from Doha rn hehe

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It absolutely can depending on how much you fly. I racked up something like 10000 hours on my old 6S. About halfway through that it started shutting down automatically even if the battery was like 80% full. At 7500 I couldn’t remove it from the charger for more than 2-3 seconds or else it would shut itself off. When I stopped playing at 10000, it would take multiple attempts and sometimes more than 30 minutes to even get it to turn on.

Also, I flew in the very most optimized settings for 99% of that.

The 6S’ battery tech is terrible compared to recent devices, but I still advise you to be careful.

i play 9 hours at morning then rest my phone for a hour and charge my phone, then i continue to long hau flight night until tommorow morning again, i put my phone in my room with cold condition… how is it? did still get effect??

phone: samsung A72

It sounds like you’re gonna be playing like 20 hours a day. If that’s the case you will certainly damage your phone over time. However, my 6S still lasted for 5.5 years even with all that IF playing. Battery tech gets better over time, so I think you’ll probably just sacrifice some battery life without any other major issues.

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Just so it doesn’t sound so dramatic;

As with all batteries, they degrade over time & due to amount of usage.
And as Infinite Flight is used in such a way that your phone is always processing things, it requires more power of your phone than would be needed if your phone was simply idling. So yes, increased battery degradation will be occurring. But it’s something that comes with this kind of usage.


I would also recommend a low brightness level and to switch to scenic cam to avoid screen burn in. (Whenever you leave your phone for an extended period of time)

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Try to fly ultra long hauls 1 time a week. Flying everday 16+ hours will never ever be good for your phone try flying short or medium hauls instead

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