Did it Correct?

Today on PG SoCal, a plane decided to land on a red runway while a plane was taking off.

Next, I bring my Cessna 208 onto the runway to wait until the plane finally expedited. The Thomas Cook plane didn’t expedite when he had a chance, and I think, “Alright, I’ve had enough, this idiot shouldn’t have landed, there’s no ATC, I’m just going to fit on the extra runway.” Believe me, it was worth it, I didn’t hit the T Cook plane, and maybe I got messed up, but I was safely in the air. Was this the correct thing to do? What would you do if an idiot decides to land in a headwind and then doesn’t expedite, takes his sweet time, making sure he has to go all the way to the end. I mean, you’re on a RUNWAY, you can go 80 knots on a RUNWAY and slow down.

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It’s playground so you aren’t breaking any rules it’s up to you if you want to be realistic and try to follow the rules the same for the other OF player. luckily not everyone is like that on that server do you can gain a lot of influential experience and progress on to the advanced server

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I have progressed to Advanced, I was on PG because SoCal wasn’t busy on Advanced.

That’s exactly what o do I rarely fly on advanced, as I said it’s put to others if they want to be realistic it’s just a thing you have to put up with 😀


That statement is incorrect.
If you want to break the rules, go to the Free Flight Server.
On ATC Playground rules are enforced. Even when there is not ATC you are expected to follow the rules and behave. Others can report you if you don’t and three reports will get you ghosted.
ATC Playground is a place for all to learn to work with ATC procedures. Not to fool around and do as you please.
All you can do is follow the rules yourself and when able report those who don’t. When you’re lucky two others will be able to report them as well and then they will be gone. Well, at least for that session, that is.


it is time to stop thinking that in pg you can do whatever you want. is called ATC PLAYGROUND as it used to learn how to operate and fly with ATC., NOT to do what you want, for what exists SERVER FREE! You must rispect the rules and you are all asked to report all those people who do not respect! PLEASE DO IT!


just on a point of realism, do C172’s often operate from Class Bravo Airports alongside Commercial Jets…?

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I agree with you but from my experience most of the time people do what they want I follow the rules as do many others but there are others who don’t man only due to there being no minimum grade the rules do not stop people from taxing through other planes it only imposes a few limits and the fact that anyone can go on it does allow people to do what they want.

This is exactly the reason for my views maybe this will improve the palyground experience, players automatically can go on theses servers and most people don’t report players I do but I don’t think enough people know how to do it or bother to.

I think patience is important. In a real world situation, unless cleared by ATC to do so, I don’t think you would consider thinking “sod it, this guy is too slow, I’m taking off”. It was a lack of patience similar to this that caused the Tenerife airport disaster. Although the (well known and highly respected) pilot, could not see the plane in front of him, it was impatience that caused the disaster.

But… it’s PG so as long as you’re not trying to cause a crash or be deliberately irritating, you’re fine :)

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Playground, I knew it!

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I’ve said it before, it shouldn’t be called the ATC “playground”. It really is a place to learn how to communicate and cooperate. It should be 1. Playground 2. ATC Intermediate 3. ATC Professional. Just my two cents. Not that FDS doesn’t know what they’re doing. I really do wish that ATC playground had a higher restriction level. Just like in a classroom it’s tough to learn when you’re surrounded by some yahoos not interested in learning anything, or even worse…TROLLS. Ugh, I just got a chill.

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Exactly and that’s what I meant when I said its up to you if you want to be realistic and fly carefully as there aren’t any restriction other then the speed warnings as people never report on that server and grade 1 can go on there and mess about. I always play playground I don’t ever tend to go on advanced as I like to fly when there are other people flying and when there is ATC and I can say that most people will mess about in some way.

That’s exactly how I was playing, I just finally reached my breaking point with being vectored and then abandoned, or sequenced side by side with three other aircraft towards one runway. I love advanced, I’m excited for more people to get comfortable flying and controlling on a courteous and realistic level so that we can have more of a presence on advanced.

@David_Lockwood… The answer to your question Dave is “Absolutely”. The FAR is very clear, all Registered GA are authorized to operate at any Public Aerodrome within the US aerospace system. Some restrictions may applyi and may be found in individual airport description or NOTAM. These restrictions routinely are time of day related. In the real world the FSS can provide specific guidance related to a particular “B”. As for the 172 they do operate from B FBO’s routinely. Check out UTude or the archive I post video of GA’s landing at B’s.
The last such vid was of a night 172 go in/out of Chicago O’Hare. Max

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Thanks @Maxmustang, thought they would be restricted as not compatible with speed and performance of the larger commercial birds. Will have to check those vids out.

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@David_Lockwood… “never” must always be accompanied with a caveat!
In my experience most B’s with multiple runways will accept all comers by type to there short runways. Understand the problem with fields like KSAN with a single runway with wake turbulence, heavy Hub fflow thru etc. but it done and legal. I my case I primerelly fly GA and the Dash. I use B satellite field most of the time it provides access in major metro areas. It gives business and leisure pilots access closer in to the metro. Hope this is non-offensive, not the intent to rattle yr cage. Just want to insure he fledglings get it right. Max

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Thanks @Maxmustang, no offence taken, everyday a school day!

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There’s a simple solution to this, if you can fly on the advanced: fly on advance.