Did I put enough fuel!

I put 16:46 minutes of fuel should this be good!

What aircraft are you flying?

Lufthansa B747-8

Adjust to flaps 10⁰ and the aircraft will fly like the wind. :)

The flight physics and engine power are a bit pants on this aircraft when it comes to cruise.

Also yes flaps 10 on cruise is perfectly fine on this aircraft.


Oh ok thank you @Ecoops123!

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Even with the altitude with FL330?

Any altitude its fine. Without the flaps you’re basically stalling the 747 at cruise. I never have flaps under 10⁰ until descent.

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Is there a recommended speed?

Mach 0.85/0.86, the normal cruise of s 747-8.

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Ok thank you!

If you looked at the estimated flight time in weight and balance, that isn’t always accurate. In the future you can plan your flight on simbrief.com and put your generated flight plan into FPLtoIF.com for an accurate amount of fuel for the flight plan.

The fuel should always be enough in the end, so don’t fret if the fuel is estimated to run out at first.

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Are at your final altitude ?

What purpose does adding flaps do? You do realize adding flaps creates drag, slowing the aircraft down, causing the engines to work harder drawing more fuel.

What you’re saying he should do is going to cause him to burn way more fuel than necessary. Please avoid comments like this in the future. Flaps should never be deployed in cruise. They serve no purpose. If you’re using flaps in high altitude cruise, you are likely too heavy to be at that altitude in the first place.


The 747 has a fuel burn issue which I’m sure you’re aware of. Adding flaps 10⁰ does solve this issue, until a permanent solution is put in place. I don’t know the internal physics to this, but the aircraft creates lift, forcing the nose down slightly, giving the engines less power to work on, than it would flaps 0 even whilst the flaps are providing drag.

I do this in all my 747 flights and has solved the issue on the 12+ hour long hauls I have used them on.

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-200, -400 or -8. I’m going to go test it out right now

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Either really (to my memory). I think it works more effectively on the -400.

@MJP_27, always use my guy @Ecoops123 for 747 advice, he knows how it all works ;)

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I don’t really use the 747 a lot so you might be right because nothing is perfect.
But to my knowledge for every aircraft flaps should never be used at cruising altitude.

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Don’t always quote me on my advice 😂

I fly all the commercial fleet most of the time, and have many experiences with stalling the 747, diverting in the middle of the night… it’s been fun.

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But you helped add 10 hours of fuel left on a 747 flight of mine, why shouldn’t I recommend you for that? 😂you do help with all other aircraft, but you saved me from quitting a flight of mine or taking a stopover, at least! ;)

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