Did I overedit?

So do you think I over edited this picture ( it’s from infinite flight )

Also post some of your infinite flight photos!


No spam though


Hey, your screenshot it’s quite beautiful, but this should be in #screenshots-and-videos

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Hah, it looks like something from my country’s national gallery just with an airplane slapped on it.

Perhaps the sky is merging too much with the water and it looks like a clash White and blue, otherwise called a gradient. Perhaps make them more different and unique entities.

Not at all, it just enhances it slightly. I think this is overdone though.


I have seen the last image before. They are amazing .

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Either from me or @Franksaviation515 this was a flight with us two. Him on the left, me on the right.

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Yes it is overedited

The goal is to make it look realistic at the end. This one is too much saturated and you should fix the white balance.

Also the shot is back-lit so it doesn’t help.

Ya I figured I tried to get that trip 7 looking realistic but the sky and water look the same I’ll try again and repost it

How do I change it?

Don’t worry a Regular or a Moderator will do it for you…
Hope in a near future, I will do that too ;)

I have moved it for you.

Just so that this thread doesn’t get closed, can you add some details regarding the picture. Like where is was taken, what was the route etc…

Thank you.

I changed it a little hope it looks better


Can’t do much sorry
It has to be overexposed so we can see the livery à bit more white.


Now that looks good!


Thanks man!

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The route was from abu dabhi to London. Very fun and long haul route maybe 3 hours. It was a while ago.

Correction it was more then three hours

As an Infinite Flight influencer via Instagram the picture seems to have a visible amount of edits done to it. If I’m not mistaken it looks like a bit too much of saturation or contrast maybe.

Can’t have ui in it.

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This looks really good

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