Did I make a good choice?

Hi, i choose to get live not live+ Did I make a good choice? P.S I havnt flown on it yet I have 0 everything. Also please could I have tips aswell thanks

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I would have gotten Live+. It gives you all the planes and regions for a year.


Hello Babu!
Welcome to the forum. Live is the best, and a great choice. Other planes and ATC adds another demention to the game. This forum is a great place for all types of tips, you can find everything.

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Thank you all I will get live + next month. … What’s the best plane to buy ?

Live+ costs less than Live, add Live subscriptions for 12 months and compare with Live+

Airbus A320

I will sure get it if it’s cheaper !

Why’s that sir ?

Also is it okay if I ask some questions on here ?

Incorrect. Live+ is $49.99 (Year) and Live is $4.99 (Month).

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Perfectly fine:) it’s one of the newest planes redone and it has autoland it’s is cool:)

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I will buy it tommorow, it’s late here. My iPad is downstairs aswell

He means per month:)


What’s the best way to earn XP ? Is the flight time real to in real life ?

As Rotate said touch and goes. Yes flight time and proportions are all real

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ohh I see :)

Wow that’s awesome :) does the game keep count of the amount of landings you have done ?

Yes it does:)