Did I Get Ghosted?

I was approaching into Manchester when the ATC told me to say intentions. I did, requesting approach into Manchester. He then asked me again, which I said the same thing. He then threatened to ghost me, even though I kept saying intentions. Eventually he vectored me and forgot about it. Then, I realized I wasn’t vectored for a while, and everyone on the map came up as unknown. Infinite flight said my connection was fine, so I’m afraid that I was ghosted. If I were, the ghosting was 100% wrong because I did everything the controller said.

Please contact the ATC at the time, or contact @Tyler_Shelton for he is the expert.

What server is this?

If this was training, there is nothing you can do. If this was expert, contact the ATC controller at the time with your callsign and time you were ghosted.

I was Approach having comm issues. What was your call sign ?


IceAir 471 I think, expert.