Did I do to much?

I want your opinion



to much?

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Oh, I did not know a different topic to put this in, if I should change it pls tell me

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I wouldn’t do that much in terms of editing. The goal here is to bring out the detail without “glitching” the photo. Try using some contrast and a little bit of structure, if you want my advice.

Also, having the display tags out of your shot would give you a better result. Just go to to replays and hit the camera button at the bottom right, and it will automatically clear them for you while giving you a good resolution shot.

(Also, did you take that while landing? If so, then that’s rather dangerous. There’s always the replay 😉)


With editing, you want to be subtle as to not blast the image with saturation and/or contrast. Also, try to look for better angles that use the light to your advantage. May I ask what software do you use for editing?

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This is my first time Editing a photo but sure
It is called “Light Room” you can get it on IOS @Oli_H

I think maybe a little lighter but it’s still good! 😁

Yeah, lightroom is good. With LR, it’s more about like I said, making little adjustments and trying to keep it realistic.

I’m quite familiar with it. What I do is bring out the details using “Effects”, then move on to light and color to do more good aesthetics with the shot.

But I don’t go too high with the settings and glitch the shot. Take a look at what I do.


Ok! Do you guys think that I did better with this one?

Approaching Queenstown, and also getting escorted

We have a category dedicated for sharing screenshots and similar media (#screenshots-and-videos). A topic for the sole purpose of asking on how you did editing wise, is not fitting for this forum.

Thank you!