Did I break IF?

Uhhh some things happened at casual at lax. 60,000 feet to past -100000 feet

Has this ever happened to you???


maybe a little but your speed was 90 knots in the first pic so that has to be the reason why.

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No happened to me once u go past fl1000 the game goes sicko mode


Did you hit the ground at a -90* angle?

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The crash parameters seem to of missed you so this is the result.


Hehe ye u basically broke the game lol

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Ah, the Infinite Flight F22 in its natural habitat 😅

But yeah, I’ve had this happen to be after passing 100k feet…


Yeah, that generally happens if you go really fast into the ground at a steep angle. I think there’s a way to then pop into the Earth’s atmosphere like a champagne cork if you do some shenanigans after entering the underworld.

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With this IF glitch, I once got through the earth.

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Rookie numbers


Hmmm, wbu?

Wow 😳 uhh maybe you did break IF

This’ll answer your question.


Yeah not that necessary for that maybe just not do that any more

You entered what’s known as the abyss, sort of a bottomless crevasse. Only the strongest survive. See you on the other side, send us a post card.


The only way to to this is to take a F22 and pull a MAX8 move, this will also get you to space!

What I imagine happening is something similar to the end scene of Interstellar, I’ll put it in spoilers because, spoilers.

OP finds the cure to Covid in the abyss. OP enters the black hole and gets sucked in, breaking through to the fourth dimension. Since only OP knows the true cure to Covid he has to tell someone, so he finds my plane. Then he taps on the other side of the control panel and my no smoking switch turns on and off, morse code. At first I just think it’s a glitch but I know it’s OP the whole time and I go on to save the planet.


As an F-22 Expert within the sim, I can confirm you’re not alone. And here’s a tip: If you punch in hard enough, you may find yourself in space.


Teach me your ways master

At high VS you will phase through the ground. Likely what’s happening you jumped completely through the ground is between frames. I have pulled this on solo befoee but never on live lol