Did FDS change the voice on ATC today?

Last night I was flying on Live with the regular Siri voice. When I got home today from school, I spawned at KPMD to have a flight to KSAN. When I requested taxi, the ATC voice sounded totally different than the normal Siri voice. What happened to Siri? The new voice sounds weirder than Siri.


I heard something about it being changed.


I haven’t been on IF today, but my iOS did an update last night… that could be the reason?

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No that update was released a week ago so it wouldn’t change today


The Apple updates aren’t pushed to all devices at the same time. My wife’s phone will get the update icon days before I will and vice versa

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I updated my IPad last night to IOS 10. Is that the reason?

What update? Infinite Flight or Apple Update? @Chatta290

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Yes but I know when they are release so I go into the settings myself, obviously it takes a few days before you get notified hence why I don’t rely on it

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Apple iOS update that’s what I’m on about

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Don’t tag me please.

We didn’t change anything, Apple controls the voice system and they have this habit of messing with parameters every new update…



Sorry about that, thank you for telling me. Dang Apple!


Not here what kind of device do you have?

No the voice wasent changed


iPad mini 3, it’s farely new

Yes I get that, but you said in your initial post it wasn’t from that. He just updated last night… Devices get the notifications at different times.

Alright I am playing on a new phone and have not experienced any of this try deleteing game then redownload again and sign in??😬😬

But the update came out a week ago so the change wouldn’t have happened in a day would it, most people do it when it comes out like me so I personally know it’s not related to the update.

Not until you update your phone. The change won’t just happen otherwise, I updated mine and Siri sounds different…

Well I updated mine last week around Wednesday I think it was and mines been fine, just saying more people would have noticed as they would have done the update before.


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