Did anyone notice this?

In the current photo of the loading screen you can see an American 77W and and Etihad 77W. They both have cabin lights that you can see. How is this possible? In live if you see another aircraft with cabin lights, you can’t see them on. But in the pic it is clear that you can see both aircraft with the cabin lights. Now my questions are, will this be a new feature to where we can see other aircraft that have cabin lights in live, or am I just over thinking and can testers see the aircraft with cabin lights?


Everyone noticed and commented about that previously…


Where was this?

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What?? 777 with cabin lights!? Picture evidence please!

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The post of the discussion:


I don’t recall that thread talking about a new feature where you could see other aircraft with cabin lights

There are like 5 replies about it




Very very high graphics?

All aircraft quality are on Very high. These graphics were also shown in the image of all the aircrafts in line for takeoff at KSAN that was the loading screen a while back. I’m assuming it’s for the PC version. But who knows…

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