Did Anyone Notice This?

Did anyone notice this? It’s different!!


Yes I noticed it too :)

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Yes, I did! To be honest I liked the older icon more.


See link above. I have a feeling Jeff might obliterate you @AlphaSeven if you try to disagree 😅. It is just a Discourse update 2.5.0 beta 3


Here is the full changelog, which includes improved bookmarking, a new closed icon, merging users, automatically deleted replies, code blocking, bug fixes, and a lot of other small things like that.



Anyone wanna merge? 👀


TL2 user + TL2 user = TL4 😂


Something I don’t understand is how stats would crossover. Would the combined user get the combined stats of the original account plus the merged account? Or would the original account just keep the previous stats?

All I could tell is that all topics, posts, messages, etc. would be transferred from the merged into the original.

Oh dear…
@Mattheus I enjoyed 5 minutes ago before I knew that photo existed

They didn’t mean combining two active accounts. They meant more in a sense if a user accidentally makes 2 accounts and say one is inactive, they are able to transfer the details and such.

Well yes, but any account was active at one point or another. Every account has some stats, so I was wondering if, once merged, the ‘duplicated’ account’s stats will simply disappear.

Ideally, the account with the most “stats” would keep all. Although, it would make more sense if the oldest account would take control.

I mean the new icon makes sense.

But I don’t like it.

yup noticed it this afternoon, they mustve changed it sometime today

It seems that they have reverted it to the previous one. We’ll see in the next discourse update…


There we go. The closed and open icons have been reverted to their previous state.


This is a disaster, I like when things change from time to time :/

It was a ‘painting a bikeshed’ topic on meta.discourse.org. In the end thay decided it is best to revert as it was causing to much hassle.

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I prefer the old lock icon. It just looks better and makes more sense.

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